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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

MOUNT VERNON - MVPD Officer Justin Trowbridge filed the following report after being called to a fire complaint early Monday on Fountain Street.

On Monday 09/11/2017 at 12:49 A.M., I responded to a fire complaint in the area of 305 Fountain Street. Upon arrival, I made contact with the complainant. She indicated that she heard shots being fired in the woods. She also observed smoke rising from the woods. I proceeded to the southwest corner of her property and observed a large amount of smoke rising from the woods.

I proceeded into the woods and discovered a camp fire that appeared to be in the early stages of spreading. The fire department was notified of the situation and responded to the scene. While awaiting their arrival there were two explosions from something that was burning inside the fire. The fire department was able to extinguish the fire with their watering cans.

I searched the area, but failed to locate anyone. I located a plastic cooler that contained food. I also located sleeping gear, personal valuables, and other property items that leads me to believe that someone has recently occupied this campsite. I located a tackle box that had the name of an East Gambier Street resident written on it. I also located a small pink/clear plastic box that contained jewelry items. A large Fabware knife was also found at the campsite. The tackle box, jewelry box, and knife were collected as found property. Photographs were taken at the scene and forwarded to the police department administration.

Upon clearing the scene I proceeded to the East Gambier Street. Upon arrival, I made contact with the resident who confirmed that the tackle box belonged to him. He does not know when it was taken or who may have taken it. The item was returned to the owner.

I made contact with dispatch and requested that they inform the Parks Department of the damaged area and the required cleanup for the debris. The Fabware knife and box of jewelry have been secured into an evidence locker at the police department as found property.

The jewelry box contained the following items:
- One orange cloth item with gold metal attached
- One chain necklace
- One large green/blue heart pendant
- One brown hair clip
- One "Happy birthday Velma" pin
- Two gold earrings with stones
- One anchor necklace
- One green plastic ring
- 16 earring stud
- One double heart pendant
- One plastic ring
- One red pendant
- One Sin-Tennial pin
- Two Taurus pendants
- One thick gold colored object
- One cross pendant
- One tangled group of necklaces
- One set of three large rings, possibly wristlets
- One USB cable
- One Blazer .45 caliber round


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